What Our Clients Are Saying:

Dear Executive Home Care:

I want to express my gratitude to you, your wife and your caregivers for the excellent service provided by your agency to my parents, during my father's terminal illness.

My father required around-the-clock attention during the weeks before his passing, when he was at home in hospice care. My mother is legally blind, and, at 91, was not able to provide him the physical care that he required.

The men who cared for him were caring, competent, and responsible. They were always on time, often early, and attentive to his physical needs and to my mother's emotional needs. My family had the peace of mind of knowing that my father was in good hands when we were not there, and that my mother had the assistance and support that she needed. We also appreciated that you and your wife took the time to personally introduce the care-givers to my father when he was still able to get about, and able to form and express an opinion about receiving the care that would be offered.

The last weeks of my father's life were, we believe, very painful for him, emotionally, and for us, his family, to witness. But throughout, we felt confident that everything was being done for him that could be done, and knew that he, too, trusted the people who were caring for him. My mother was also comfortable with the various caregivers, and trusted them.

I would like to give my sincere thanks to all the caregivers who helped with my father, but would like to add that we especially appreciated the knowledge and experience of the night staff, and the caring emotional support given to my mother by the particular caregiver who was present at the time of his passing.

Dear Executive Home Care:
I am sending you this special card because it was my mom's favorite card and I found it in her belongings when I was cleaning up her items.
I chose this card because I wanted to thank you on behalf of my family to have been there for us when we needed you.
Thank you for your kindness and support. Thank you for being so responsive and also finding someone to help us right away without any delay! I appreciate your concern and the help you provided us. Your speed of service was excellent! I wish you a prosperous year and keep helping families who will need your help at all times, because you made it easier and pulled it through.

Love you guys,
Noosheen & Family
Executive Home Care:

Thank you for the exceptional care that you provided for my father during his last days. The selection of caregivers that you provided us with was first rate, exceptional, loving and kind. They were particularly wonderful with my mother as she was transitioninig into a new phase of her life.

I also wish to thank you for the very kind condolence note that you
forwarded as well.

We were all very pleased to make your acquaintance and be assured that
we shall refer business to you to those families in need.

Best regards,
Dear Executive Home Care:
I wanted to thank you and let you know how outstanding both of your caregivers were. They are kind, compassionate, competent, completely reliable and dependable. They were really good to my mother and that was huge.

Thank You for the care you provided to our grandfather.

The Parks Family
Dear Executive Home Care:
Thank you again for all you did to help us. It made a world of difference.
You helped and gave us so much support.