Why Executive Home Care?

When it comes to home care, there are many choices: nursing homes, assisted living facilities, private home health care, nursing agencies, family home care and more. We know how difficult these decisions are because we have had to make them ourselves. (Click here to read "Our Past Speaks to Our Future"). Only you can choose whats right for you. Executive Home Caregivers are carefully matched with the client's personalities, specific needs based on their condition to help ensure compatibility.

At Executive Home Care, we realize that it is never easy bringing someone into your home to provide care. We strive to make assisted home care a positive experience. We work with you to carefully select a caregiver who is exclusive to your needs, schedule and concerns. The choice is yours in providing you or your loved ones with exceptional personalized care.

Our Caregivers are fully screened, each are given a complete criminal background and credit history check.  In addition, DMV records are reviewed and social security numbers are verified. Each reference is carefully checked. Executive Home Care only accepts Caregivers with a minimum of 2 years practical eldercare experience and/or Certification by the State of California.

In addition to providing in-home care, Executive Home Care can also provide companionship to care facility residents requiring additional attention and/or personalized assistance.

What makes Executive Home Care different from other agencies?
Executive Home Care prides itself on the selection process of its Caregivers. "Care You Can Count On" is our slogan. Only kind, loving, caring and compassionate Caregivers who wear their hearts on their sleeves are accepted into our Caregiver Family".

Executive Home Care provides seamless care. Our dedicated Family Staff is available anytime, all the time to ensure this seamless coverage. Each of our cases are micromanaged. We are very passionate about delivering uninterrupted service.

Our commitment is to provide you with a Caregiver who will care for your loved ones with compassionate and patience in the same way they would provide care for their own family.

The Caregiver selection process that Executive Home Care utilizes will secure a safe environment for your loved ones to remain in the comfort of their own home. Executive Home Care can be an affordable alternative to assisted living or nursing homes.

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